Hello, world!

So I finally got round to making a proper homepage. The eventual aim being to host some projects for Android and App Engine here, but for now I'm playing with Twitter Bootstrap.

Content? This site is just a way of me redirecting to the web server at home without using a Dynamic DNS service

Here's how it works

So Google give me free web hosting with AppEngine and I can spin up a quick website here (which is bloody awesome by the way, Python on the web is so easy to work with). But updating AppEngine and worrying about Bandwidth limits and everything is a bit nasty So I decided to just get the Raspberry Pi to host the important stuff, have it accessible using my Google Account over OAuth (because AppEngine makes that trivial) and then have the Pi phone into AppEngine with an Ajax call every so often to update my home IP address. This also gives me the opportunity to use Node.js on the Raspi and stuff it out onto the real Internet.